Natasha. 22 years old.

Interests include, but not limited to: 

  • Art history and museums
  • Coffee
  • Exploring new cities

I am a recent college graduate, currently living in Washington DC. I grew up in New York then New Jersey—originally from Brooklyn, and a New Yorker at heart. In college, I majored in Art History and English, and minored in French (I'm also a former NCAA Division 1 soccer player). During university, I discovered a passion for art museums, galleries, and public art. I am currently an intern at the Smithsonian Institution's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in DC.

Travel is another one of my passions. I've studied abroad three times while in college, and have also visited many places around the world with my family. I am a dual citizen (USA and France), so I often view social and cultural topics from a multi-layered and international point of view. I plan on living abroad in the near future.

I have found that these passions often overlap, and they have influenced most aspects of my life: aesthetically, personally, and professionally. I started this blog December 2017. It features my travel chronicles, exhibition and gallery reviews, lifestyle inspirations, and so much more. You can follow me on Instagram here. And, you can contact me here